5 Pro Tips To Make Your Smartphone Faster (Solve Hanging Problem)

Facing problem with your smartphones, with having slow performance? Just chill, in this post I’m gonna solved your issue with 5 Pro Tips. Nowadays, we all have our own smartphones for types of purpose. And if your smartphones’ performance going down and facing hang issue playing games and using apps then you can follow my those 5 tips which I have shown you down below. Well, those tips will work for Android and iOS operating system, so don’t worry it for all smartphones.

In our daily busy life a smartphone become very important part which has everything for our life. A smartphone makes your digital life easier, even you can use your smartphone as a wallet too using smart payment options. So you can understand how much important a smartphone for our life. And if that smartphone become slow and bad performance then it’s can make troubled. So always try to keep your smartphone safe and well working. However, read down below to make your smartphone faster and without hanging.

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Most Reasons Make Smartphone Hang

There are many reasons that make your smartphone slow or hang, but you still need know few major and most common reason that make smartphone slow. And I’ll suggest you to avoid those reason that may you need to in your smartphone.

Memory Full: If your device internal memory then always try to keep 2 GB free space, which will help to make run fast your smartphone apps without lag.

Useless Apps: May you installed many useless Apps which taking your smartphone background data, and it’s also make your smartphone slow.

High end Game: There are many games which required minimum 4 GB RAM and 10 GB free storage, those games like PUBG, COD, etc. But your smartphone don’t have those required, but you’re still playing, then it’s will make your smartphone slow and hang too.

How Do You know Your Smartphone Hanging?

So how you’ll know is it’s your smartphone hanging or network issue? So before you’re playing an online game, make sure to check your network speed. And if you’re getting well internet access but still face gameplay lag and hanging problem, then it’s your smartphone performance problem.

5 Pro Tips to Avoid Smartphones Hanging

  1. Make 2 GB Free Storage (Internal Memory)
  2. Use A Data Cleaner App
  3. Manage Apps
  4. Don’t Mess With Developer Options
  5. Use Lite Apps

Make 2 GB Free Storage: You’re using your smartphone for your gaming, then make sure your device should keep up to 2 GB free storage space. Because to play your any game smoothly it required background data, so don’t forget to leave 2 GB free space.

Use A Data Cleaner App: Do you know every single app take your space which make can make your device slow. So you should use a data cleaner app which will clean your app background data file. And then you can manage your storage too.

Manage Apps: Our every smartphone come with additional package app which may you don’t need to use, so don’t forget to uninstall those apps, and make your smartphone faster.

Don’t Mess With Developer Options: This alert for all Android users who want to use their Android with custom setting. So if you don’t have basic knowledge about developer features and how to use, then don’t turn on it.

Use Lite Apps: There are almost app and games also come with lite version, for example, if you use Facebook then you can use Facebook lite, and it’s also available for Instagram. And that’s the way you can save your device RAM and make your device smooth.

More Basic Tips

Hey, after following those tips if still your Smartphone slow, then you can follow more basic tips which will help you make faster your device. And this tips will save your Smartphone battery life as well.

Background Data Using Off: You can turn off those app background data using permission, which will make help to save your device battery life and make sooth performance as well.

Note: If you turn off background data using permission, it will help you your device battery life, but you’ll not able to receive notification till you open the App.

How to Make Smooth Gameplay on Android?

To make your Android gameplay, you can use game booster app, and check your storage space, if it’s full then clear something. Well, there are more tips you can follow, to know read the full article.

How to Fix Online Gameplay Lagging?

Well, to fix your online game lag you can use a VPN or use high speed internet, and still facing lag then upgrade your device or play the lite version game.

How to Make My WhatsApp App Fast?

To make your WhatsApp fast, you have to delete your old chat, if believe those are not enough important. To delete old chat and media, Go to WhatsApp Setting>>Storage and Data>>Manage Storage>>You’ll see every contact chats to you can delete to make your WhatsApp fast (Before delete those chats you can take a backup).

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So what you think about this guide and tips article, if this post really help you then don’t forget to share with your friends. Well, those tips are my personal experience and every step working and useful, hopefully it’s will also helpful for you. Now if you’re still facing lag problem or device slow ussie then may it your smartphone hadrwire probelm so you can contatat your neer customar care server. Thank you for visiting CaptionMe.Net keep with us for more contect and tips.

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