WhatsApp Hidden Features: 5 New Cool Ones You Must Know

WhatsApp is a one of the most popular and useful communication platform which peoples use to contact others doing text chat, or calling, it’s totally free. The good news is this WhatsApp service don’t have any limit to use even it’s free. And nowadays, peoples use WhatsApp for business and others working purpose. And if you’re also a WhatsApp users, then you should all about features and new updates that may will more help you. So read this article, and know all about this messenger app which has more features than you know.

WhatsApp Most Useful Features You May Know

WhatsApp Messenger is a free to use app and software which has available for Android, iOS, windows and others operating system, and it’s developed and offered by Meta. Recently, WhatsApp Messenger added lots of useful features that will make your communication easier. So let’s have looked those useful features and how to use them.

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1. View only once media files

 View only once media files

In 2021 WhatsApp Messenger added new features which you can use to send a media for one time view, and it will help whose peoples like to save their storage space. Even, many peoples want to show their picture and video one time, for privacy purpose, or etc reason. And it will also helpful for working purpose. Now you can try this features with your latest version of WhatsApp.

2. Mute Videos while sharing

Mute Videos while sharing

It’s a hidden feature of WhatsApp, which is you can send or upload your store or status full video in mute mode. Just, you have to click on the mike button in the top left of the video before you send. And then it will send in mute mode, so you don’t need to manually edit your video for mute, it will save your time as well.

3. Use Multi-device feature

Use Multi-device feature

In last of years 2021 WhatsApp added features which you can use to log in your WhatsApp web different 4 devices at one time. You it also helps you to save your time and others working reason. Like if you’re an 9 to 5 office worker and don’t you have different device like laptop, computer, etc then you don’t need to log in again and again to check your WhatsApp massages. You just have to one time log in, and you can access your WhatsApp in different 4 devices.

4. Provision to transfer chats

Provision to transfer chats

If you’re going to use a new smartphone and don’t want to lose your old conversation from your old phone, then you can take chats backup or export all chats in your any cloud storage. And that’s the way you save your old communication, which may have lots of value for you.

5. Manage Media to Make Your Device Fast

Manage Media to Make Your Device Fast

WhatsApp come with different operating system like Android, iOS, windows, etc, and it’s required device local storage. And if your device don’t have enough storage, then WhatsApp will alert you to clear some space. And if you believe that your WhatsApp taken lots of space by over using or over sending or receiving media, then you can clear those media to make your WhatsApp performance fast. To check, go to WhatsApp Setting>>Storage and Data>>Manage Storage>>Where you can see all details. And you can also clear those files to make your WhatsApp performance fast and your device as well.

Some FAQs

How to Know Where I Log In WhatsApp Web?

WhatsApp is a very sensitive messenger app, and you need to know where it has login. And to know that where your WhatsApp has login, click on WhatsApp 3 dot option>> Linked Devices>> And you can see all devices status.

How to Make WhatsApp Performance Fast?

To make your WhatsApp Messenger performance fast, you need to know about your device specification first. Like your device don’t have enough storage space, low RAM, etc. And if your device don’t have space then, clear something that you don’t want, or uninstall those apps that you don’t need. That’s it, your WhatsApp should run smoothly.

How to Make Unread WhatsApp Massages?

To make a massage unread, you have to log in, on PC “Web WhatsApp” then you can use keyboard shortcuts features. And to make as unread, click Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U.

Keyboard shortcuts

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I know value of your WhatsApp in your daily life and that’s why in this post I have shown you 5 best and new hidden features that you may don’t know. So if you like this post from CaptionMe.Net, then you can share with your friends and family to sprats some good massages, which may also help them too. Thank you for having with us, keep visiting CaptionMe.Net for more helpful guide.

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